• Q. How far ahead can (should) I make the reservation?
    A. We accept booking 6 months in advance. Please book early enough especially the weekend of the busy season such as cherry blossom (end of Mar-beginning of Apr), autumn color leave (end of Nov- beginning of Dec), spring (Mar)/ summer (July-Aug)/ winter (end of Dec-beginning of Mar) vacation and also National holidays and festivals.
  • Q. What is your cancellation policies?
    A. Deposit you paid for making the reservation is not refundable and not replaceable.
    Cancellation policies are different based on the booking website you have used to make the reservation. Please refer the booking confirmation you have received.
    *If we could not confirm your arrival before 10pm without any notice, your reservation would be considered as no show.
  • Q. How is the room charge for children?
    A. 0-­2 years old - We are sorry but our room facility is not good enough to accommodate the babies and children inthis age.
    3­-9 years old - 500 yen per child. Our superior rooms are well equipped and suitable for children in this age.
    10 years old and above - Same price as adult.

  • Q. Do you have female dorm room?
    A. We are sorry but we only have mixed dorm. But all dorm beds have curtains. We also have private Japanese style room for 1-3 people for a budget price.
  • Q. How is sleeping on FUTON, not on a normal bed?
    A. Japanese style bedding is put Futon mattress on Tatami floor, and sleep on it. Tatami is softer than wooden floor, and we chose Futon mattress which is soft and thick enough. So it should be comfortable even for the first time.
  • Q. Do you provide towels, shampoo, body soap and toothbrush?
    A. Yes we do provide towels. We provide shampoo, conditioner and body soap only in the room with bathroom, not in the public shower booth. If you need to use disposal toothbrush, please come to the reception to pick up.
  • Q. Is there hair dryer in the room?
    A. Yes, but only the room with bathroom. There are hair dryers for rent at reception.

  • Q. Can I arrive late at night or early in the morning?
    A. Please let us know your arrival time in advance if you are arriving after 10pm. You won't have trouble to check in with the previous notice. Please be reminded that we consider your reservation as NOW SHOW if there is no notice. There is no reception staff after 10 pm and we lock the main door.
  • Q. What time can I check in?
    A. Basically after 3pm, you can check in anytime as long as the room is available.
  • Q. Can I leave luggage before check in or after check out?
    A. Yes, you can. We have free luggage store service.
  • Q. I want to send parcel and come to pick up later on, can you keep it in the guesthouse?
    A. Yes, we can. Please let us know in advance and come to collect at the right time. If no one come for more than a month, we consider it is abandoned.
  • Q. Can I check-out after 10am?
    A. As long as the room is available (no reservation for that night), please extend the check-out time by paying extra fee.
    Checking out before 6pm - 50% of room charge.
    Checking out after 6pm - 100% of room charge.

  • Q. Do you accept foreign currency? Can I change foreign cash at your guesthouse?
    A. Yes, we do but only cash and only main currencies. The changing rate is based on a money changer’s website, but we deduct 100 yen for every 100 dollars.
  • Q. Do you accept credit card?
    A. Sorry but we don't accept credit cards at the moment.
  • Q. Is there international ATM machines near the guesthouse?
    A. There is Japan Post Bank ATM at only 1 min walk from the guesthouse, but not 24 hours available. Weekdays open 9am-7pm, weekend and holiday open 9am-5pm. ATM in 7-11 convenience store which is 900 meter (0.56 miles) away from the guesthouse opens 24 hours.

  • Q. Do you have a public phone in the guesthouse? Can I make a local call or an international call?
    A. We don’t have a public phone but you can use our IP phone at reception and we count the time by stopwatch. We provide cheap international call rate and you can pay by cash.

  • Q. Can I charge my phone and camera at your guesthouse?
    A. The voltage in Japan is 100 Volt, which is different from most other regions of the world. But if you see “input 100-240v” on your phone/camera cable, you can charge without voltage converter. But you still need an adapter to plug it into the wall. We have plug adapter in the guesthouse but we recommend to bring one if you travel around, and it is difficult to find in Japan.

  • Q. From Kansai Airport to Kyoto Station
    A. If you are not familiar with taking trains in Japan, we recommend either limousine bus or JR train HARUKA. These take you directly to Kyoto station, not only saving time and also making much easier than changing train in Osaka. If you are flying out from Kansai airport in two weeks, you can save some money by buying round ticket. If you plan to go around in Kansai Area, buying ICOCA HARUKA card is a good deal.
    Limousine bus fare and time table: http://www.kate.co.jp/pc/e_time_table/e_kyoto_tt.html
    ICOCA HARUKA details: http://www.westjr.co.jp/global/en/travel-information/pass/icoca-haruka/
    Kansai Airport, access main page: http://www.kansai-airport.or.jp/en/access/index.html
    Kansai Airport, bus information: http://www.kansai-airport.or.jp/en/access/bus/index.html
  • Q. From Osaka city to Kyoto
    A. There are a three trains from Osaka to Kyoto. JR, Hankyu and Keihan. JR is 150 yen more expensive but faster (30 min). Please figure out what is the nearest train station from where you are and decide which train you take. Our nearest station is Keihan Shichijo station. For example from Yodoyabashi station in Osaka to Shichijyo station, it takes 50 min by direct rapid train, cost 400yen.
    Keihan Train: http://www.keihan.co.jp/en/
    Hankyu Train: http://www.hankyu.co.jp/en/
  • Q. From Osaka International (Itami) Airport to Kyoto station
    A. Please take the limousine bus.
    Limousine bus fare and time table: http://www.okkbus.co.jp/en/timetable/itm/t_kyt.html
    Osaka International Airport: http://osaka-airport.co.jp/en/
  • Q. Taking bus in the Kyoto city
    A. Pick up a ticket: When you get on the bus, please take a small ticket with number from the ticket machine which is on your right side at the entrance door. The number is to check how much you have to pay. Please follow the electric fare board at the front. If you travel to outside of the city center, the fare is depending on the distance. If you don’t see the ticket machine, which means the bus only goes around in the city center and the fare is fixed. One ride in the city center cost 230 yen per person, 120 yen for children aged 6 to 12 years. Prepare coins: Pay when you get off the bus. If you don’t have small changes, there is a money changing machine next to the driver. But this machine only accept 1000 yen note. In case you only have 5000 / 10000 yen note, please ask the driver to change.
    Push button to get off: When you are getting off at the next stop, please push the “getting off” button which you see everywhere on the bus. If nobody push this button and the driver see there is no one waiting at the bus stop, the bus just go through. It normally happens in the late evening or in the rural area, but better to be careful.
  • Q. Day Pass:
    A. If you take bus more three times a day, you can save money with buying Y500 one day free pass and use it all day. Please note that this card only used for Kyoto City Bus Company, the green color buses. RAKU BUS is not green color but belong to Kyoto City Bus.
  • Q. Taking taxi in Kyoto city
    A. If you travel in group of three or more people, taxi can also be an economical option on shorter distances. For example, taking a taxi from our guesthouse to city center or Kyoto station normally cost 890 yen. If you are 4 people, taxi is cheaper than bus. When you get on / off the taxi, the door for back sheet remotely opened and closed by the driver, so let the driver do it and not open or close by yourself
  • Q. Should I buy Japan Rail pass?
    A. It is worth to buy if you plan to take a lot of JR trains, so it is depends on your itinerary. If you can show your itinerary, we are happy to give you some advice.
    Japan Rail Pass: http://www.japanrailpass.net
    JR west: http://www.westjr.co.jp/global/en/
    JR east: http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/index.html

  • Q. When is the right time to see Sakura cherry blossoms?
    A. Cherry blossoms blooms in a different time according to the year’s climate. They start blooming in the warm area in south Japan and keep up to the north. In Kyoto, normally start at the end of March and finish first week of April, and stays about 10 days to 2 weeks. Please keep eyes on Sakura forecast to if you are coming during this period.