This Okonomi Yaki restaurant is five doors away from our guesthouse. I don’t know how many times I have been here but last night when I was there, I finally remembered I needed some photos to write about the restaurant in my blog.

This restaurant called “Sanko-san” is loved and supported by neighbors in our community. You will never find them on the internet or never have a chance to know if you don’t stay at Guesthouse Soi. They only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, run by an old father and his son, very lovely people! Because of their friendly personality, reasonable price and tasty dishes, we go there again and again for many years.

We have other restaurants within a 5 min walking distance, such as French and Cantonese, but they make me feel like I need to dress nicely to enter. Otherwise if I walk 15 minutes, there are more choices of restaurants. So Sanko-san is the only very close casual restaurant that has a homey and unpretentious atmosphere. I appreciate them especially when I feel lazy to cook.

I always order Modern-yaki with Pork. Modern-yaki is a combination of noodles and okonomiyaki. My daughter loves Fried Rice with Kimchi and Pork. They also have a variety choice of Teppan-yaki nemu, stir fried squid is also my favorite. They provide alcohol as well, so it is a good place for Izakaya style dinner, enjoy drinking and eating.

Okonomi-yaki and Tap Beer
Modern-yaki with Pork
Fried Rice with Kimchi and Pork

離我們的旅館隔四棟房子之處有這家大阪燒餐廳。一直想著博客裏介紹這家餐廳。我都不知道我來過多少次了,每次都忘記拍照片,昨晚終於想起來 。

這家被我們稱呼「三幸san」的餐廳深受當地居民的喜愛和支持。不做任何宣傳-網絡上沒辦法找到他們,地理位置-沒有面對大街,所以您不來Guesthouse Soi就不知道他們的存在。僅在周五、週六和周日晚上營業,是由一對年邁的父子經營。由於店主人很善良,合理的價格和美味的飯菜,我們多年來一次又一次地去那裡。

離我們的旅館5分鐘步行範圍內還有法國和粵菜餐廳,氣氛時尚,不是大眾化,讓我覺得我需要穿著得體才能進入。 否則,如果您步行 15 分鐘,就有更多餐廳可供選擇,比如弁慶烏冬面。所以三幸san是唯一一家非常接近的休閒餐廳,有著溫馨而樸實的氛圍。尤其是當我突然懶得做飯的時候,我很感謝他們在營業。

我總是點Modern燒/モダン焼き(配炒麵+豬肉), Modern燒是麵條和大阪燒的組合。我女兒每次都點韓國泡菜炒飯。昨晚我們還點了一杯可樂和小杯啤酒,總共2100 日元。鐵板燒菜單的選擇也很豐富,炒魷魚也我的最愛之一。他們也提供各種飲料,所以您也可以當成像居酒屋,享受邊吃邊喝的方式。

Very Good Cook





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