My main job is running a guesthouse, but I also do some design work for advertising. I am native in Japanese and I understand English and Chinese. I can use WordPress and Illustrator.

我主要的工作是经营旅舍,同时我也做一些广告设计的工作。我是日本人,会英文和中文。我会用WordPress and Illustrator软件。



I can translate and do the design work at the same time. So I can do faster, accurately and cheaper!
☆Add Japanese / Chinese version to your WordPress website
★Add Japanese and Chinese to your restaurant menu which is made with Illustrator
☆Make a sign or instruction manual in nice and clear layout for Japanese / Chinese client
★I am good at using an existing website or menu to add other languages, and not creating a new and modern design or just do the translation
☆Please contact for the further information


Suitable in guest rooms


サービスや値段など詳細はスキルマーケット ココナラにて掲載しております。クラウドワークスランサーズでもお仕事をお受けしております。スキルや経歴も掲載しておりますので参考にして下さい。

スキルマーケット ココナラ