Accommodation Coupons to save Guesthouse Soi

Social Distancing, Quarantine life and Isolation.
No one has thought about days like this have come.
We have been adding some spice to travelers journey for many years, but now it stopped.
This empty and quiet guesthouse.
We don’t know how long more we need to wait,
and we even wonder if we are able to sustain…?

Now we hope you stay in a safety place and keep healthy.
And if it’s possible, to support us
please buy the accommodation ticket for your future stay at our guesthouse.
You can not go out into the world right away,
but please think of the day you can come and visit Kyoto.
We dream about the day we will go back to our normal lives,
and looking forward to seeing you.

We have various kind of rooms, a big private family room and a dorm bed for solo travelers
Get a free Japanese traditional breakfast!
Get a free Western style breakfast!
15 min walk to Kiyomizu Temple

◎This is a BEST DEAL ticket! We provide the 10% discount and free breakfast.
◎There is no limit date for the guest live overseas. But for the domestic travelers, the limit date is Dec 31 2022.
◎We have various kinds of rooms depends on your needs. Please click here to check the room types.
◎You can also use this ticket as a gift.

【Step 1】Please pay by Square E Gift Card online payment service
Please choose the amount.
Please write your adders in the message column. We will post the ticket by mail.
【Step 2】We will contact by email to confirm
【Step 3】When you know when to visit, book your room from here.
You pay 3000 yen, and get one free breakfast
You pay 5000 yen, and get two free breakfast
You pay 10000 yen, and get four free breakfast
You pay 15000 yen, and get six free breakfast