We offer 10-30% discounts for short stays of at least 1 week and long stays of 1 month. Reccomended for remote workers, interns, and those who want to live in Kyoto for a while!

Our guesthouse is equipped with sufficient facilities such as common kitchen, dining room and laundry, so it is efficient place as a long stay. You can also meet foreign travelers and enjoy the unique life living in our guesthouse.

We offer more discounts especially during the low travel season (January, February, June, September, December). However, we do not offer discounts during high travel seasons (Cherry blossom season, Golden Week, Summer festival season, Obon holidays, Silver Week, Autumn leaves season, New Year holidays).



Room No.Rate and AvailabilityCapacityBathTV (only local)Size
111Check at our booking system1 paxAttachedAttached9㎡
112 / 113Check at our booking system1-2 paxAttachedAttached17㎡
Prices displayed in the Rates & Availability booking system are before discounts. Please contact us by email for the discount amount.


Room No.Rate and AvailabilityCapacityBathTV (only local)Size
202 / 205 / 206Check at our booking system1 paxSharedShared9㎡
201 / 203Check at our booking system1-2 paxSharedShared17㎡
212Check at our booking system1 paxAttachedAttached14㎡
213Check at our booking system1-2 paxAttachedAttached16㎡
Prices displayed in the Rates & Availability booking system are before discounts. Please contact us by email for the discount amount.


Overview: Located in a quiet residential area on a slope in the Higashiyama Gojo – Shichijo area. We are very close to The National Museum, Four Seasons Hotel and Kyoto Women’s University. 1.2 km – 15 minutes on foot to the Kiyomizu-dera Temple, and 1.5 km – 20 minutes on foot to Gion Geisha District. You can check our location on Google Map.

Closest Train Station: Keihan train Shichijo station or Kiyohizu Gojo station, 1.4 km – 20 minutes on foot to both stations. JR Kyoto station is a little too far if you walk, it is 2.5 km away and about 20 minutes by bus.

Closest Bus Stop: 400 m – 4 min walk to the Umamachi bus stop, run by Kyoto city bus.


Overview: Our guesthouse is usually operated for tourists, but depending on the season, some rooms will be opened for a long stayers.

Minimum 7 nights: It is at least 7 nights to get the discount price. We charge for daily basis if it is longer than 7 nights.

Extend the stay: If you are not sure how long you are going to stay, we confirm the fixed period before you move in and you can extended the stay if this service is still available.

Not available if your stay is short and cover the peirod includes the high travel season such as Cherry blossom season, Golden Week, Summer festival season, Obon holidays, Silver Week, Autumn leaves season, New Year holidays.


Overview: Some rooms are completed interior work in 2019, some rooms are new built in 2014. Overall rooms and common spaces are new and comfortable.

Shared Facilities
1F: Lounge area, Dining area, Kitchen (with cooking utensils), 2 Toilets, one TV
2F: 3 Shower rooms, 2 Toilets, 3 wash basins with mirror
3F Landry Terrace: 3 washing machines (200 yen), 3 dryer machine (100 yen per 30min)

WIFI Internet Available
We are one of very few guesthouse who is aware of security issues and has installed UTM firewall equipment, but still…
●It does not guarantee 24-7-365 (at any time, all year round) of internet connection.
● The guesthouse cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by unexpected network outage.
● Customers are responsible for security issues such as virus infection and information leakage / loss.

Move-in procedure

★When you move in, please show your residence card or passport that can be used to verify your identity, and we will make a copy.
★If you stay for more than 1 month, please agree and sign “Fixed-term Room Rental Agreement”. I can show it via email in advance.
★Customers staying for more than 1 month will be required to pay a deposit of 30,000 yen. We will check the room together when you move in and out, and if there is no damage or terrible dirt, we will refund the full amount, if there is, we will deduct the amount required for repair and refund the balance, or we will charge the full amount.


★The deposit is required only for stays of 1 month or more, there is no internet charges.
★Please pay when you use the washing machines (200 yen) and dryer machine (100 yen per 30min)
★Utility costs is included but those who stay between November and February will be required to pay the electricity bill for the air conditioner.

Cancellation charge

★Please pay the rent for the first 1 week as a reservation deposit at the time of booking. Please also bear the transfer fee.
★In case of cancellation more than 2 weeks in advance, the balance will be refunded after deducting the transfer fee from the reservation deposit.
★Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged if there is less than 2 weeks before the scheduled move-in date. For example, if you cancel 10 days before the scheduled move-in date, you will not be able to return the full amount.
★If you need to book for longer term such as 3 month or more, more deposit will be charged. Please ask by email.

House Rules

★We have prepared bed sheets for immediate use when moving in, but not prepared extra sheets and also towels. If you stay for a longer time, please pay 200-300 yen per set and exchange it every a few weeks, or prepare your own sheets.
★We will prepare the toilet paper for the common area, but please prepare all the consumables (including toilet paper, shampoo and body soap) used in your own room.
★The staff will clean the common areas, but please clean up after using the kitchen. In case you accidentally make something dirty, please clean it each time or let us know immideatly if it is difficult to do it by yourself.
★In case of following circumstance, we will ask you to move out even during the stay. a) Those who have a habit of causing trouble to other stayers. b) Those who do not use the facilities carefully or use the shared facilities like your own. c)Those who do not cooperate and improve even we ask.