A cafe called Sagan is not very near but 15 min walk from our guesthouse. A cafe with a terrace, cool interior. What they provide make you feel homey atmosphere, especially their natural material Japanese lunch. Tasty coffee and tea, several choices of muffins if you are not too hungry.

另一個推薦的咖啡館,Cafe Sagan。離Guesthouse Soi不是很近,步行15分鐘左右。靠近六波羅蜜寺。帶露台的開放式氛圍。看起来很酷的装修,但是提供的有天然食材做成的家日式庭氛围套餐。咖啡和紅茶的香氣很好,用的餐具也很可愛。


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