The Gion Festival was finally held since it was stopped by Covid-19 in 2020. This Festival was started to stop spreading the plague by the power of God in 970. So I was very happy that Kyoto city decided to hold the event even now the pandemic is not finished. Well, we actually need to have this event because the pandemic is not finished.

This year we are also having the Gozan no Okuribi event in Aug. In these 2 years, I have realized that it is not like summer at all without those festivals in Kyoto. It is why this year I enjoyed the Gion Festival for the first time in my 10th year living in Kyoto.

祗園祭自2020年因為新型冠狀病毒停止以來終於舉辦了。這個祭典是在 970 年後,為了以神的力量停止傳播瘟疫的目的開始的。所以我很高興京都市決定在大流行尚未結束的情況下舉辦活動。不對!按理上因為大流行還沒有結束,所以我們需要舉辦這個活動。




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    1. Guesthouse Soi

      I felt it is alreay very crowded without foreign tourist!

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